Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Brazilian Dog Walks Two Miles to Feed Her Friends

Every once in a while you hear a story about the selflessness of a non-human animal that just takes your breath away. This is one of those stories. This video, narrated in Portuguese, tells the story of a dog named Lillica who lives in a junkyard in São Carlos, Brazil, and who walks two miles every night to meet with a kindly woman who rescues animals. The woman, Lucia Helena de Souza, makes a bag of food, and gives it to Lillica, who eats some of it. When she's done, Lucia ties up the bag, and Lillica carries it all the way back to the junkyard where she then gives it to the other animals--a dog, a cat, chickens, and a mule--who live with her at the junkyard.  The selflessness and honor she shows is truly a lesson for us all. As Lucia says to Lillica, who has been navigating a dangerous road every night for three years to feed her friends, Vá com Deus (go with God).

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